Friday, March 14, 2014

"Luck" chest of drawers!!


Happy Saturday and Happy Holi too!!!

Two days before holi and you can feel it in the air...parties...colors and on holi day who can dare to say NO to bhaaaaaang ;)

Though I don't play it much....My style of celebrating holi is more towards cooking up some festive food...gujiyas, mathri, shakarpare and soooo on......

Today I'm posting another chest of drawer which I have made specially for Berry 71 blu Together..Thios month they have a wonderful challenge on St. Patrick's Day!.Let me take you through... Below is the back view of the chest...laser cut is topped with gesso, acrylics and glitter. Centre focus is further topped with acrylics and a bit of lace at the right side on yellow....left side is topped with 3d cone and some blings and glitter flakes.

Side view says "Luck" on glittery alphabets with a coin diecut...

another side view...

Top of the chest....

Top Back view again....


I loved to make this!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!


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Luck Of The Irish
Color Conception challenge
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Picture Purrrrfect ;)

Hellllllloooooo felllllas!!

I'm in a super happy mood today.....1 it's raining here and I luv the smell of wet sand 2 I wanted to create something for my gurls room n it's up now :)

I have made a scrapbook canvas LO....which I really love to create as that's the only mean how we freeze our memories....agreed?

I'll do a quick post....

Here's a first look..... I wanted to create something with torn I started with a canvas with lots of layering of gesso and acrylic colors.....I have also used torn scrap  papers on the canvas...on the left corner don't miss out the trail of torn papers :)

This effect is created with mustard seeds which are easily available at home... I have used rangers bright colors alcholic inks and acrylics to make it vibrant.

A torn cloth net is also used to add more density to the background....

My awesome twosome!!!!

Some more pics from different angels....

Yes this is also atorn pattern paper butterfly...It was with me since soooo many years....and this piece actually dwelled so well in the canvas....

Quilled flowers....all wodden chipboards are covered with gesso, fevicol and use it as a glitter embellishment ;)

My favourite part...this Huge big flower...made out of newspaper....To give this look again Laaaaaaaayers  Gesso (that works as a wonder for me in all my projects), fevicol and  acrylics. Also this sentiment "life is good" is a pattern paper cut out in collage style.

The final look of the complete canvas...

 alonwith the flowers leaves used are dry leaves from my garden :) coated with gesso and acrylics again...
I am playing along with Inkido this month...and the theme is precious stones....

Hope you will like this project!!
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Challenges entered
Lulupu - (L-leaf, layers, P- pattern paper, petals, picture, C- chipboards)
BGC_Torn and flower full - (torn paper used in BG, flower made of newspaper and butterfly and sentimemt "Life is good" from torn piece of pattern paper.
Inkido - (Sapphires, amethysts, rubies - color of many stones)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stuck On U :)

Hiiii to the blogland :)

No platform can provide sooooo much of positive energy than this.....full of lovable to appreciate and make you correct when you are going wrong!

Without wasting a time I would like to post my creation which is exactly the opposite of previous one ;) It's more of  Hum Vs. Tum contrast!!

Here's a first look.... The Top... Before I start I would like to mention that to begin... twice the layering of gesso and then acrylic colors has been done to give that thick look....

The Front...don't miss the heart charm on the lock ;)

 The left side view...again embellished with die cuts....

 and the right side view.....I have tried to make it masculine as much as I contrast with my last creation which was totally gurly!!
 Inside view of the first shelf....lot of die cuts and embellishments....with a statement...."Take a Journey and find yourself" , "In focus" and "captured Moments"..Most of our time we all are travelling from one place to order to complete something...find something or may be in being a part of's very important for all of us to 'Rediscover ourselves" which we tend to forget at times....

 Second shelf which says "Good Times" with some die cuts in coin shapes and fake coins....personally I belive that "money can never buy you happiness" but yes upto certain point it can make way for happiness...,.

Third right side shelf says...."Moment in time"...with a Lock and a key...I'm sure we all have those locked moments in our hearts which we can cherish throughout our life.....

 Oh very last can I forget to put some light on it.......It says....."Cherish Every Moment - Family, Love & Friendship...You and Me"  We all live our life ones and Life is about celebration...we all should celebrate each possible moment in our life....let it be family, friends or love....these all should go hand in get one we should not stop celebrating the moments with others...may be I'm gettin too philosphical today! Coming back to this... THis is embellished with a message bottle...and again with chipboards and roses.
 Look from diffrent angels....I'm sorry as may be the sentiments are not that visible....

The complete inside look of this keepsake.....

 I really loved this cute lil fairy.....

Hope you have liked this project....
Thanks for stopping by....

Happy Crafting

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LuLuPu- Challenge #27 (L- Layers, Lock,Love,Laser cuts U- Ultra white color on Cycle, P- Pattern Paper, Priceless Memories, pretty fairy, Photography, T- Time, Teal color- In the sentiment Moment, Effiel Tower, C- Captured Moments, Cherish, Chipboards...and I'm sure I must be missing few...In short this project consists of I guess all the alphabets :)
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