Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I love your smile!

Hi to the blogland :)

It's been loooong that I have made a post....It'sa festive month going on and especially this year August is full of festivities for us!! I will try to be lil regular with my posts as I miss those interactions with wonderful set of creative people which I really got to know on blogland...

So here's a quick post... I wanted to create a tag keeping in mind few challenges.... I have created two tags....These are  basically a brand tag which is usually attached with the garment....

I did a layering with gesso at certain points and flower is made out of scrap using a balloon punch... in a pic you can see my elder one with her beautiful smile :)
 Sentiment is a sticker....and few more layering done with tissue paper and gesso.

Now the second tag...Please have a look..... Hearts are handcut from washi tapes....again BG created with gesso, tissue papers, acrylics and a bit of misting.... you can find a small bow also at the bottom made out of sequence lace. Sentiment is a stick on.

Hope you will like it :)

Happy crafting !


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Monday, July 8, 2013

Bright sunshine for my lil corner :)

Happpiiieee Monday!!

Hey I played with some trash and with few of my washis :) I always loved to treasure nice perfume/ deo bottles...I don't consider them as I have one of these vacant bottle of David off cool water deo.... ( ignore this as this is a full one :)
Now I thought of creating some sense out of the vacant bottle and wanted to work with I tried creating some artifical flowers from washi....this is something very easy and interesting to make :)
Take washi tapes, floral wire and flower stamens.

To make flowers...
take one 6 inches floral wire... I just wanted to add all the flowers in a single wire otherwise you can take one length per flower petal.
Now to create petal loops...wrap the center of each wire around a pen/ pencil or any other round object but keep in mind it should be less than the diameter of the width of washi tape to create petal loops.

create your own desired petal shape. Now put it on a washi tape half the length and fold the remaining tape over. press it so that it can be glued together and then trim with craft scissor to create your own desired petal shapes. Sorry for the bad quality of pics :(

Now you will have your flower petals ....
For the leaves make the wire straight and cover it with washi at diffrent lengths. Lateron, trim it with a scissor to get the desired shape. Place flower stamens between 5 flower petals. Wrap it with tape several times even after adding leaves to it. Wrap the floral wire till the end and then give  those flower petals a desired shape by pressing a bit.

 These are so beautiful and bright....
Now here comes my bottle.....
 I wrapped around my scrap glitter paper cutting...and few roles of my washi tape....topped it with some the bottom you can find shimmer with some sea embellishments...they were actually going along well with this sea blue bottle I guess... few months back we camped at deodhar forest from where I have collected these wooden flowers to use in my projects or pot here's my first attempt to show case it as a embellishment....i painted with silver pearl glitter acrylic paint.

Now here's the complete look....

Hope you will like it :)

Happy Crafting!!


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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oh sooo Washi!!

Happy Sunday!!

Today I will make a quick post, a project which I have made keeping in mind few challenges :) Again, It's an upcycled project... have a first look from where I have started... It's an old box which came with some electronic devices from Bosch... I kept it as i never throw my boxes :)

 Now I thought of making something useful out of all my ribbons are not placed properly and they always ready to mingle with anything ;) So I covered the box with my collection of washi tapes but I was not satisfied with the plain again I experimented and tried to gave it a different it is... the top should not be hollow from inside so I filled it with bubble wrap.
Some more close ups...
Above is the front...
 the side walls....
 back and inside look...I'm happy that all my ribbons are at one place and settled now :) that's how I created my trash into keepin my treasure ;)
Hope you will like it!
Happy Crafting :)


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