Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flower special!!

Hi, these days are going quite hectic...throughout the day busy with my kids and work and in the night I turned into a midnight krafter:) yesterday I got a chance to hug my sleep @ 5 0'clock! But result seems to me quite naiceee:) I have used blue card sheet, a bit of washi tape. On a top I have made flower with the use of beehive technique... Thanks to Pritish tutorial for that:) while making leaf I have used five tear drops glued with each other. I have got a huge collection of washi tapes and finally I am happy that I have used at least a bit of it. I have used 3mm strips in the whole project. Don't forget that your feedback is very important for me to improve as a krafter :) thanks for stopping by!! Quilled cheers to all:)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Letter S - Live Life Queensize!!

This one is for people associatewith Letter S!! I have tried doin a monogram quilling on letter S, keeping in mind the theme of Live life queensize. To make it more feminine I have tried to experiment with star, flowers, crystals and modern art...It took me 3 days to come up with the final layout :)

Quilled cheers to all!!

Independence day Celebration!!

I have used trio color and blue as a centre of my quilled flower and as a background to reflect all the four colors available on our national flag. I did the multi scrolling to give that thick look and i love the multiscroll technique alot.

As being an Indian from my soul, I always want to do something diffrent or u can better say patriotic on our Independence day celebration. Apart from the cultural program which happens every year to our residential appartment, I have decided to craft something reflecting out tri color Indian flag... I have spent four hours to make this one....I hope you will like it:)
For the love of Crafting - CAS
Itsybitsy India- Triocolor theme
Lulupu challenge 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quilled Wisdom

Quilled Wisdom

Hi, Its a clear sky in Delhi today which is a rare sight!! I have made this quilled book with a sun and a sapling reflecting the fact that the root of all wisdom is knowledge in some way or the other which further helps in nuturing any species of this world. I hope you will like it:)

Take a Quill Pill!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quilled Indian Peacock

I always loved watching peacocks right from my childhood and I deeply appreciate the fact that they are the most beautiful birds in this planet. I always wanted to quill a one and i tried to do so. Hope you will like it!!

Keep quilling!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Quilled Heart Card

Hi, This is my first blog post and quite close to my heart :) I am a proud mom of two lil angels and love to spend time with them.I met quilling in march 2012 and I can not stay without it now. I spend hours and hours in that but still feel I can do much more and much better. In all my work, people around me are the inspiration in some way or the other and I am really glad to have them around :)


This is one of my initial handmade quilled cards. I hope you will like it. I have used only slotted quilling tool while making this and ofcourse an art scissor.

Keep quilling!!