Wednesday, December 5, 2012

christmas candy to b won at down the memory lane!

christmas candy to be won at down the memory lane Try your luck!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sisters Rock!

Hi Blogggers!!

It's sooo much of fun in our blogland always:) With the spirit of festivities lots of challenges to enhance your skills with fun!!

well today I'm posting a scrapbook layout...close to my heart. I am blessed with two lil monsters and they absolutely make my world complete :)

In the month of February... I have seen my elder one turning into reaaaal BESTEST elder sis!! I was amazed and shocked (and still I'm) to find her treating the lil one as her MOMMY!! ( ofcourse she is better than me as she always cuddles her up and at times scolds me!!)

When I read about lulupu scrapbook layout challenge...the first thought came into my mind was about Sisters only...( as I'm also blessed with my elder  SiS bear...and belive me having an elder sis is truly an amzing feeling and you feel blessed always!!) So enough of gyaaannn and sharing...pls have a look and I hope you will like it :)

I have used creame pattern paper as a base. Above to it you can find lot of pattern papers!

Now Let me show you some close ups:

These are handmade flowers. I have used a pattern paper and a balloon punch to make it. Apart, I have made a Quilled flower with single shaded graduated quilling strips from pidilite. ( I loved working on them!) Butterflies are from ITsy BiTSy cut outs...I tried to do a lil punching over it and I belive it worked out well.

Here is my quilled angel icon. Banner near to it is also handmade. I have made a braid (I love this technique) out of 3 ribbons and put a punched hearts and stars over it :) Alphas are from Itsy Bitsy- Angels - In my House ( handwritten)

So here are my cutipies. Above pic was clicked when my lil one was just few days old and I simply loved the expressions of my elder one!! To make a base....I worked with lot of pattern papers...cut them out in ribbon strips. Put a paper dolley over it and then glued glitter mist. You can also find the handwritten sentiments- Hug Harder,Laugh Louder and Smile Bigger!! Over the pink strip- We Laugh, We cry, We make Time fly!

I tried to use my patterned paper for additional journalising.

I worked on Black crocodile patterned paper and to enhance the look used another patterned paper to make frames. I have mentioned the D.O.B. at the corner frames and in the centre my angels are shining together :)

I hope you will like it.


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Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Card!

Santa Is On His Way!

Hi again...

My second post in a same day :)

This is again about Santa....ho ho ho!

I always wait for christmas soooo much...There's so much positivity around...and those sweet tales which we share with our lil ones always ;)

So here's my latest creation...

Take a closer look...

Sentiments - Itsy Bitsy stickers
Butterflies- Itsy Bitsy
wreath - Made by twines
Flowers- lulupu and Itsy Bitsy
Glitter base (under the wreath)- Itsy Bitsy

Hope you will like it ;)


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Quilled Memories!

Quilled Photoframe!

Hi Friends!

A perfect time in this season to treasure some memories!!

My first passion will always remain quilling I guess. I can spend time in it endlessely :)
This is a quilled frame. 3mm stripes used with diffrent techniques.

Feel free to leave ur thoughts on my blog!

Quilled cheers to all :)

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scrap Addict Giveaway

Scrap Addict Giveaway

Fabulous giveaway from Helen....Check this out and try your luck !


Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi Peeps!!

I am really stuck these days coz of several reasons....first I am shifting my house....secondly festive season and occupied with few orders that too from my neary n deary ones...(So I really can't say No!!)...and top of all my lil monsters giving me a hard time as always...phew!!

So here's my card which is about Keep wishing...hahaha!! n wait for ur Santa Claus to fulfill ;)
I have seen a pic while browsing which actually inspired me to make it. Heres a sfirst look :)

Patterned Paper - PaperMania
Sentiments Stickers- Itsy Bitsy
Star Stickers- Itsy Bitsy Boutique Elements
I hope you will like it!

Keep Wishing ;)


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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream Home!!

Hi Friends!!!

There's sooooo much of fun in this festive season....why can't v celebrate them in allllll the 12 months!!!!

Well this time I am going to post a card with the theme of Dream Home....Inspiration for this card truly goes to my 5yrs. old angel...

I ask her what she dreams about and reply totally flattered me for a moment.... She said she dreams about a rainbow full of light and colors under which we will have our home..full of love and happiness :) and Momma don't forget to keep a dragonfly and snail u know how much i love these... and yesssss we will have a magical wishing tree so that we will not fall short of anything....

I simply replied "AMEN"!!!

So plz have a look at the details :)

Happy Quilling!!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Finally Found U!

Hi to the Blogland!!!

I'm completely lost in some other world for sure!! I'm a big Enrique Iglesias fan....n my hubby gifted me a Meet n Greet opportunity with ENRIQUE during this India Tour!!! 19th Oct2012 is surely the day which I can never ever forget in my life!!!

I have made this page for him with the use of diffrent elements.
For the closer look:

You can c the use of washi tape, some flower embleishments and wodden murals. Glitter Elements from Itsy Bitsy...Thanks to Sunehra for sending such beautiful letter elements!

I love the family pic!!
I tried to give a water color based background for the frame. On the top u can find a lil Cupid!!

I hope you will like it:) Pls be open for the feedback!


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maa Durga!

Hi Friends!!

It was a loong break for me and much needed!! Now it's a festive time in India and you can smell that in the air here!! Till november it's going to be the series of festivities depicting the win of Good over Evil!! I sooooo love it:)

To begin with the spirit of Navratras...I have tried quilling a Maa durga face mask. I have used 3mm pie lane and 2mm quilling strips with a Pie lane self adhesive bling. I have also used pie lane craft board and quilling tool.

I hope you will like it!

Quilled cheers to all:)

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Memory Box!!

Helllo Bloggerssss!!!

I hope you guys are surely into creating sumthing interesting andinspiring :) Hmmm....I was slightly tied up this time coz of my two cute lil monsters and on the last weekend I have got some time to put in some efforts in recycled Kraft. Though it took a good 4-5 hrs of mine to decide upon the look but I hope you guys will like it :)

This used to be an old box :
and these are few waste cardboards, usually you can find them in your pattern paper pack.
So, here we go!!!
1 I have painted the entire box with yellow poster color to make it smooth in color.
2 Then I have used lot of Patteren paper. I have covered it completely from inside with diffrent pattern paper and outside as well. To make it smooth I have used glitters @ all sides and corners.
3 I have used all the handmade embleshiments in this project. For the top I have used Mirror paper to make flower and shiny feathers with a net bow.

4 I have used lot of bling and sparkle in this project. I will show you all the four walls to have a fair idea...

5 Decorate the inner top lid as desired.

 6 For Inside I have done twine cording to tie the page pieces. Further you can do the journalising and add photos as desired :)

I belive this is the urrrrfect gift to my 5 yrs. old to keep the things which she loves :) Kindly leave your valuable feedback to make better next time :)


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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just Believe- Your Wings Exist!

Hi Blogging Friends!

This time I am posting something which I have never tried's more about motivational thoughts and Beleif. I strongly follow my own set of beliefs and faith and I think this actually boost soo much of positive energy at any given point of time into any individual. We really get what we it's more or less in our own hands :)

Bingo, enough of motivational speech..huh!!

I have made a multifold card...the pattern for the same I have discovered through browsing and I find it little diffrent. I have used Purple pattern paper and tied a lil yellow bow on highlight I have used a yellow bling on it! Sentiment is -Just's handwritten. On the top of it I have added 2 golden glitter polans. I have colored the paper with poster colors and mixed 2-3 diffrent shades to get the desired look after that corners were highlighted with Fevicryl outliners....Ohhhh I so love to use them always!

Below to that is a flower embelishment and I have further designed it with pink pearl stick ons. Pls have a look.

Further for the first time I have tried my hand in paper cut...thanks to my super talented krafter friend Hrishikesh poddar who actually motivated by his creations to do it :) I have used Pink Pattern paper and I have added two quilled flowers (tight coil technique) and Rose flowers to enhance the look.

Now on the second fold I have completed my handwritten sentiment with - "Your Wings Exist" and on the third fold I have made a quilled dark purple angel and highlited the head with glitters (Itsy Bitsy). To make this angel I have used 5mm Mettalic purple stripe. Again, Highlighted the corners with Glitter.

It was quite a different one for me...would love to have your feedback!!!

Quilled cheers to all :)

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

U Make Me Smile!


So, I am back :) This time I am going to post a Smile!!

I believe that a beautiful and natural smile brings peace to the onlookers!! So I thought of making a Smile card.

I have made layers for the background. If you see precisely, I have used a white pattern paper, in order to highlight the centre I have used Blue wood pattern paper then Green natural pattern paper. To highlight the white BG, I have pasted Heart shape punches on it and filled the self flower centre with pink glitter.

To highlight the sentiments I have again used a pink self designed sheet and put a red washi tape to highlight the sides. and Put my sentiment on it- "U make me SMILE"! I have also used a paper dolly and colored it with one of my favourite Estee lauder lipstick!! Sometimes I wonder that what I am using!!! again I have put a glitter on that part.

To highlight the bow, I have used aqua sea green croc pattern paper and used blue washi tape to highlight the sides. To make a  bow, I have used Pink and Blue Small ribbons. Tying a bow was really a fun!!

I have also used three quilled flowers to compliment the theme. For that I have used 3mm stripes of Pink, deep yellow and Mauve color. I have designed the centre with crystal stick ons and used red and green stripes (3mm) to give it a complete look.
I hope this will bring smile to u!

Keep Smiling :)

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happily Ever After Card


It's again late in the night but I really wanted to finish my first ever WHITE card!! While designing on this I have tried many patterns...I actually wanted to be sure about the final output!!

 I have used self embossed patterened paper and did a bit of bling on it by Fevicryl 3D outliner. To give those swirls and heart, I have used 5mm Metallic White paper stripes...they are truly amazing and I always love to work on them!

 I get over experimental at midnight so I have tried for a quilled braid with flowers and a tag to give it more feminine look and decorated it with pearls. I hope you will like it :) I have made a boarder and that knotted tag with the help of a paper spool. and I added two of white roses to give it more vintage look. Tag sentiment is handwritten and I have also added a bit of white lace as a side border and pearls to make it more elegant.

To make a heart, I have used bee hive technique and completed it with two lil wedding bells with a bit of shimmering ribbon and used a bit of shimmering white and silver Fevicryl outliner. On the other side I have made few scrolls and swirls.

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Thanks for stopping by!

Quilled Cheers to Allll!!