Thursday, June 27, 2013

Glitter glitter all the way :)

Happieee Thursday to all my blogging friends :)

Today I am posting a project on which I was working on quite some time...but first coz of busy schedule n then coz of health issues unable to finish it. Even today also I'm down with high fever but just got it completed last night and never wanted to waste a moment while publishing :) Kindly ignore the bad quality of pics as I am actually not in a state to do some wonders there...for me the actual thing in my hand is the most beautiful then anything else ;)

Here's a first look -

I have ordered few stuff online and whenever I get cardboard boxes i never ever threw them... So juz a first look that from where I have started :)
Now I will show you how to make this house-
find a template you would like to work upon. Cut it out and trace it onto cardboard.
For small houses, cardboard from cereal boxes and gift boxes work's graet. For larger houses, I like to use a thicker cardboard like from a paper ream box.

Before cutting the shape out , score any fold lines. Now you can glue together the house itself. Just fold along your scored lines, and glue the same. It should look like this.

For the walls and base I have used a thick cardboard but for chimney, doors,roof i have used slightly thin cardboard so that it can easily be glued. On the base make a ridge like the way shown's not necessary but it can reallly add years to your project life.

Now comes the layering part which actually changes the final finish of the project. Lot of layering done on this project. At first, there's a complete coat of pearl silver acrylic hobby idea paint on the entire project...but it was actually giving a dull look :( 
Then comes coat2 of my wonder product- actually gave a very fine finish to it after that I again colored it with pink for walls and yellow for roof/ door and once it got finished and all dried up I sprinkled magical...whimsical...mesmerizing glitters from itsy bitsy on it :) 
These kind of Houses one can easily see in (Interlarken and Luzern) Switzerland...and the best part no matter how beautiful that house is you will always find a broom standing out that house! I always wanted to own something like this...happy that finally m able to create one for myself :)
Now the backyard-

My broom stick made from twine :)

Chimney and pls find the layering effect at the came out well :)

If theirs any gaps while pasting then fill it with glue lateron glitter will fill it up. Use one color of glitter at a time to avoid any mess takes a very lil time to dry.
 Base is made out of thermocol cut out and a thick cardboard...covered with washi tape. I hope you will like this project :)

A quick little edition of an upcycled mixed media tag here...
a layer of gesso...

Again a layer of distress inks then added Fenugreek seeds and brown mustard seeds but not so happy with the outcome...will be adding more layers to it... 

Now applied acrylic colors and gesso to get the desired result. A small window is a hand cut filled with matching flowers. Somehow I really like the efect of things which are easily available at easy and soo much fun to work with....

and the sentiment...

The final look of the project...

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Awww... I love the little broom. what an awesome idea!

  2. Like it ?? I loved it to bits Shivani ! SO much of work and detailing gone into it ,Loved the glittery roof ,cute chimney ,the ball,twine broom jus everything !

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    Thank you so much for joining us at Let's Get Trendy Now!3. Hope you feel much better soon! :)

  4. This is mind boggling Shivani. You've completely transforme the box. Love all the little details like broom with twine and glittery effect too!

  5. Amazingly beautiful transformation Shivani!!This wonderful project made from a cardboard box..unbelievable,way to go girl!! :)

  6. Wow...that's some super excellent upcycling! awesome work! Thanks so much for playing with us at Let's Get Trendy Now! 3

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    Thank you so much for playing along "Crafter's Corner" # 9 and Best of luck !!

  8. Such a fabulous little house you created...really creative indeed! Love that little broomstick made of twine! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Zeus and Zoe! ;-)

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  11. Really wonderful and charming! Delightful details! Thank you for playing with us at Zeus and Zoe!

  12. Wow! What a fun transformation! I love all the glitter! Thanks for joining the challenge at Zeus and Zoe!

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