Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dream Home!!

Hi Friends!!!

There's sooooo much of fun in this festive season....why can't v celebrate them in allllll the 12 months!!!!

Well this time I am going to post a card with the theme of Dream Home....Inspiration for this card truly goes to my 5yrs. old angel...

I ask her what she dreams about and reply totally flattered me for a moment.... She said she dreams about a rainbow full of light and colors under which we will have our home..full of love and happiness :) and Momma don't forget to keep a dragonfly and snail u know how much i love these... and yesssss we will have a magical wishing tree so that we will not fall short of anything....

I simply replied "AMEN"!!!

So plz have a look at the details :)

Happy Quilling!!



  1. Its truly a dream home ! Loved the cute house and the magical tree is marvelous !!

  2. Lovely interpretation and so the perfect take on ur kiddo's dream home!!!!

  3. Lovely thought from little Sanvi of her dream home & this piece is an amazing mix of her thought & your creativity. This truly is a DREAM HOME. :)

  4. Very beautiful card and dream, reminds me of my daughters childhood

  5. Beautiful creations and gorgeous blog. Thanks for joining in my candy and good luck...luv annie

  6. Pretty beautiful. I love this.